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This software is a good option when you have to make a special dinner time
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SoftCuisine program, it’s a short and handy tool, which will help you to find in different ways, recipes. This particularly program has a big working area, where you can work and open simultaneity different types of recipes, these recipes are classified by category, each category has its recipes. Each recipe has its own categories, i.e. List of ingredients, cooking method, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free alternatives, calories, cost, preparation time, etc. This software is a good option when you have to make your special dinner for your friends, family, sweetheart or whoever, why? these recipes have a good and helpful function you will be able to view the difficulty recipe. When you know for sure how "intense" or "light" is a recipe to prepare, you can make for advance your arrangements and of course you will be able to handle your own time because you can obtain your shopping list directly from here, print your recipe, add your own and change it. Also has the backup database function, so you will never lost your recipes anymore! This program runs under Windows Platform, its requirements are minimal. Cook without pressure and in your own time.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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  • Database is very small, you have to improve this with your own recipes
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